Here at Platinum Services Group, we have years of experience in property investment. We know the ins and outs of the investment game so that we can advise and instruct you on the best course of action.

Are you entitled to claim tax back? Can you measure the ebb and flow of the property market? Before taking the plunge, check with the experts.

Ensure you are investing in something that is within your initial budget and will allow for continual return on investment. Our personalized investment plans ensure that you are walking away with the best deal time.

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Regular review of your financial situation is essential to staying ahead of the game.Long-term, the incorrect formation of these financial structures could cost you enormously.

The team at Platinum Services Group can help with the following services:

  • Sourcing funding for property purchases.
  • Revising existing financial setups to guarantee you have the best rates, products, and structures in place.
  • Revising your financial situation, advising on where to reduce costs and where to invest.
  • Restructuring finances to include cash flow.
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Together we can assess the best mortgage solution for you. You shop around for the best house, but when it comes to shopping around for a mortgage, it is unheard of ! The best difference between the small percentages of interest, can mount up to thousands of dollars in interest payments yearly.

Together we can find the right solution.

Assessing your financial situation, we develop a tax effective method of increasing your equity and long-term investment portfolio. We also develop long term payment goals and access most effective way to ensure that the mortgage is paid off as quickly as possible.

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Already have an existing property, but think it has potential? Need a bit of property development to charge premiums for tenants.

Our team are experts in property development. We can connect you with top tradies, and the right people to get the job done! Your property will develop from your house to your home in no time!

Looking to develop an existing property and not sure where to start? Talk to the team at Platinum Services Group today.

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